We’ve got it going on,

every day of the week.

Brisbane Riverfire 2021
$65 per head for balcony views and including food for two hours. Limited seats only for the top level balcony. RSVP via hello@littlebighouse.com.au
Tuesday – Trivia
STARTING 27TH JULY Every Tuesday night give your brain a little big workout – with Trivia! It's free to enter, you can win legit prizes and we'll even put on some $13 dirty fries to keep you comfortable while you …
Wednesday – Spicy Noods
The spiciest of noods for the most reasonable price EVER – $15 gets you a bowl of pork or vegetarian ramen, every Wednesday night.
Sunday – Tinnies & Bgs
Got 3x $5 notes? You got yourself a tinny and a bag ofbogan nachos (crisps covered in good stuff, served in bag). It's not complicated, but it hits the spot.