What's On


Corporate and Community Events


From community events to karaoke parties to late night live music, Little Big House has something to entertain everyone at any time of day. 

Mardi Gras Month

We are celebrating Mardi Gras for the whole month, because one weekend just isn't enough. Help us make a change for Open Doors Brisbane.

Our 2nd Birthday

It’s our second birthday and we will be celebrating for a whole month, because one day just isn’t enough. 

Disney Trivia

If you fancy yourself a Disney-Mega-Fan then we have just the thing for you. Put your skills to the test and score big time. 

You Little Genius - Tuesday Trivia

Every Tuesday we have a weekly trivia night we like to call You Little Genious with epic prizes up for grabs.

Little Big Bingo - Wednesday Bingo

Brisbane grab your bingo dabbers because Little Big Bingo is coming to Little Big House EVERY WEDNESDAY and we can’t bloody wait!

Burger and Beer Thursdays

Pick from any of our burgers, and pare that with any 4 Pines beer and boom, you have the makings of a pretty satisfying day.

Weekly What's On

It doesn't matter the day, or the time we always have something going on at Little Big House. 

Daily Sports Guide

We love sports, all sports big and little. Want to know what sports we're planning LIVE?

What's On Weekends

Weekends are all about celebrating your freedom, and mates we have you covered because we know how sacred every second of your Saturdays and Sundays are.

Meet our Local Sporting Team!

Scoreline Sports are our official group of sporting legends we love supporting, why? Because they are locals and a great group of people who work hard and like to play harder.

5 things you can do while waiting for your train

We all know that “Oh f***” moment when you hurry to catch your train and you see it pulling away from you. That moment where all hope is lost, and annoyance sets in.

Must try cocktails you need in your life this weekend

When it comes to cocktails sometimes you really shouldn’t try and mess with the favourites, and in our opinion if the 80s should be known for anything, it should be for their cocktails.

The secret to the perfect parmy

Parmy’s are one of those beautiful things in life that no-one really knows how they came to be, they are just here and we aren’t mad about it. Parmy’s are our jam, we cant get enough of them.