Summer Sessions



5th January - 15th February 




Summer is here, and we are celebrating all the sun-shiny goodness with jam-packed weekends of hot hot hot fun in our Queenslander. 




From the 5th of January to the 15th of February prepare to tropic like it’s hot with Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays taking on a life of their own thanks to our mates at Brookvale Union.


There will be the Wheel of Fortune with giveaways, a throne, all the slushie you can poke a stick at, a pop up bar and a tasty schooner and snag on the veranda for $10 (4 Pines and Brookvale Union options).


It will make you glad to ketchup with some friends, you'll relish the moments. Sorry, still thinking of the snags on bread.


But wait, there’s more!


Get ready to Shake your palm palms with us at our January Long Weekend Party including thong throwing, a barbie outside, True Blue Trivia and the Hottest 100.


Summer is one of our fave times of the year, grab your loud shirts and prepare for some fun in the sun.