The secret to the perfect parmy



Parmy’s are one of those beautiful things in life that no-one really knows how they came to be, they are just here and we aren’t mad about it. Parmy’s are

our jam, we cant get enough of them and in our opinion we have perfected them to the point where we know the secret to the perfect parmy. We have

tested and tasted till the cows come home and we think it comes down to three major things, the quality of the chicken, the melty cheesy goodness, and

that you can taste the love. The chicken we use is RSPCA approved and we use only the thickest, juiciest fillets when we hand crumb them with panko

crumbs and add on our hand-made Napoli sauce. Our parmy obsession can be seen through our hero item on the menu, our Chicken Parmy Spring

Rolls and even into our events like our Annual Parmy party where we gave away parmys for a year. We heart parmys for life.


Has all this talk about parmy's got you peckish? Check out our grub menu and try one for yourself.