About Little Big House





A little tale about a big house





We all have history, lets admit it. And here at Little Big House we are rich in history and love the diversity of who we are now which is a fun, relaxed and friendly lot welcoming new mates every day to our fun, vibrant heritage listed Queenslander.


With the sunshine state of mind in full swing, grabbing a coldie and pulling up a chair on the veranda to really soak up the relaxed style that is Queensland has never been easier.


Way back when, our heritage-listed Queenslander (originally known as “Collins Place”) was built in 1889 and was everything from a Spaghetti House to a squatter’s den, and even spent some time as a “Big House” when it was the South Bank Police Station.


With all those stories, tasty, interesting and naughty how could this Pub not have a little charm and cheek to go along with it.


We love paying homage to all things old while adding a splash of new to the Little Big House vibe and hospitality.


The house on stilts, literally lifted off ground level and put on posts reopened in the heart of the Southpoint development in South Bank in the summer of 2017.


We are right next to the South Bank train station for easy commuting, so we encourage you to immerse yourself in a sun soaked, laid back, old Queenslander Pub where everyone is your mate.