Five things you can do while waiting for your train





We all know that “Oh f***” moment when you hurry to catch your train and you see it pulling away from you. That moment where all hope


is lost, and annoyance sets in. Well, for those South Bank Brisbanites who have experienced the tail-end of a train from time to time we


have a suggestion list of things to do to use your waiting time productively at our place because we are right next to the Train Station.





Have a cold one. Is there anything better than having a cold drink after a long day at work?! No, no there isn’t.


And let’s be honest, you can’t get home any quicker so you may as well destress where you can.





Munch on some Chicken Parmy Spring Rolls. These bad boys can be ordered and devoured in 15minutes. Go on, you deserve it!





Sing Sing time. Ok, it’s time to meet our Karaoke room! If an average song goes for 3 minutes, that would mean you could belt out


4 classics and still stroll on over to your train with time to spare.





Get those likes. Instagram is a beast that you love to hate and we have countless Instragrammable moments in our Pub. Pop on over,


have a mini-photoshoot and do it for the gram.





Zen out on the veranda. What is the best thing about Queenslanders? Their airy, breezy, beautiful verandas. Take a “you” moment


and park yourself under our trees and soak up the outdoors with a few deep breaths. Releasing your inner chakra has never been


easier than at your local pub.





Imagine yourself here! We don't have to imagine because we live and breathe it (and love it) every day. Come visit sometime!